ABC News; "Economists say that if everyone of us spent an extra $3 on US made goods every year, it would create nearly 10,000 new jobs"

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Thank you for your interest in Amer1ca One. We are a non-profit corporation established in Vermont on December 21, 2009. We are funded completely by private donations and if you would like to help us in our mission to make American consumers conscious of where their purchases are manufactured, we welcome your donation. We have made it possible for you to designate where your donation will go within the organiztion:

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To support "Made in America Products"

Amer1ca One is a non-profit organization with a singular goal; to encourage and support domestic production and consumption. This objective is two fold; to educate and influence consumers to the need to consider and buy American, and to recognize and support businesses who continue to manufacture their products domestically.

Very simply, you make your money in America, we ask that you spend it on America.

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Sponsor an ad on your local NPR station

Sponsoring an ad on your local NPR station is both an affective marketing tool and affordable. Since we are a nonprofit, rates vary from $30 to $90 depending upon the market chosen. Although we are concentrating on the Northeast, we could sponsor an ad in any state (or national) NPR station. Here are some suggested options to choose from;

‘Sponsored by Amer1ca One and (Your name or company’s name);

•  America has been good to you, please be good back. When possible, buy Made in    America products first.
• Reminding Americans that America still makes stuff. More than Germany and Japan    combined. Please consider Buying American products first.
•  Reminding Americans that American products are everywhere. Please look for them    and yes, ask for them. Thank you.
•  Want to freak out a sales clerk? Ask if an item is made in America. All retailers need    gentle reminders that we want American products.
•  Want your children to have a job? Encourage them to buy American products. Dollars    spent domestically multiply through out the economy, thereby, creating jobs.

For more information on sponsoring an NPR ad please email us at



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